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Surf & Yoga - the perfect combination

Combining yoga and surf provides amazing benefits for overall well being and progressing your surfing. In both surfing and yoga you are working strength, flexibility, breath, balance, being present so they compliment each other perfectly. Doing yoga when you are not able to surf is a great way to stay fit for surf so you can make the most of the next wave.


We work with Drop Surf Center to provide quality high level surf coaching, they are located just below the studio.


The Yoga Center and Drop Surf Center welcomes all levels so if it's your first time for yoga or surf give us a try!


Drop Surf Center offers surf classes twice per day, am and pm and the Yoga Center offers classes everyday and sometimes twice per day. So it's easy to combine a yoga and surf trip with so many options available. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a specific yoga & surf schedule for a few days or weeks.


Private surf and yoga classes are also available if you would like to have a more tailored and immersive experience.


Please contact us with any enquiries for you or for groups that you may be organising.

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