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Massage is done in the yoga studio above the Drop Surf Center. Massage is best booked the day before as it's difficult to co-ordinate same day massages between clients, therapists and studio availability. Massage is available to book between yoga classes and in summer this normally means the first massage can be at 11h15 and the last at 17h00 and anytime inbetween. In the middle and lower seasons the number of yoga classes are reduced which means the studio has more availbility for massage.


It's best not to eat 1-2 hours before a massage to ensure your best comfort and relaxation. For the massages with clothes on, Thai and Inidan Head Massage we recommend wearing comfortable easy moving clothes like tracksuits or leggings. All massage has a detoxing element so we recommend drinking lots of water after all the massages.


Thai Massage

We practice traditional Thai Massage which is done on the floor with the clothes on. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes that you can easily move in like tracksuit or leggings. Also called lazy yoga this massage stetches muscles and joints, clears our meridians, moves the fascia, detoxifies and is deeeply relaxing. We recommend drinking lots of water after this massage to flush

Ayurvedic Massage

This massage is done on the floor with the clothes off using natural oils, seseme and coconut oil. It is recommended to wear bikini or boxer shorts. This massage stimulates the lymphatic system to drain toxins and increase absorbtion of nutrients and oxygen into the organs and body. A relaxing massage to relieve stress and tension.

Indian Head Massage

A seated massage fully clothed focussing on the back, shoulders, neck and head. This massage promotes hair growth, relieves headaches, boosts memory, reduces stress and tension and assits lymphatic drainage.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is done on a massage table with the clothes off using oils. The massage is performed by a Physiotherapist so you are able to discuss and special focus areas with the therapist.  We recommend to wear a bikini or shorts for the massage and to rest after.


A seated massage with the clothes on working only on the feet. A traditional Chinese massage that improves circulation, balances bodily systems, stimulates the central nervous system and induces deep relaxation.

To book                  call:  +351  961410293                  email:  [email protected]                visit:  Drop Surf Center

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Osteopathy is a manual therapy, which aims to improve health and the recovery of injuries by treating the body as a whole using a broad range of techniques ( articulation, soft tissue massage, manipulation and more).

The patient will be asked to undress in swimsuit, underwear or to wear loose clothes so full movements can be performed.

A treatment consists of a case history, a full body examination, treatment and an exercise plan.